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About Me

Hi, I'm Emily! Thanks for taking the time to look at my page!  I know how important choosing a photographer is so let me tell you a bit about me.
I received my first camera for my 13th birthday and I immediately fell in love. I love how with a click of a button I can tell a piece of someone's story.  I think the best thing a person can be is themselves, so I try to capture the real you.   I strive to deliver quality over quantity. I personally hand edit all photos, taking time to remove small distractions that may take away from the beauty of the image. My goal is to provide you with a beautiful portrait that brings out your inner shine.
When I am not doing photography things,  I am either crocheting or trying to make the world's best chips and salsa bowl on my pottery wheel.
I have been blessed with fantastic clients that have trusted me to capture their special moments.  Together we fill each session with laughter and fun.  I love my job! ❤
-Emily (MLE)
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